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White Paper on Mobile testing

Prepared for – Mobile Automation on Android and iOS devices


We intend to use Automation Testing tool for IOS and, Android platforms. We have to have a tool which will be used to test applications developed on IOS and Android. Initially the application in focus is app on which Calpion team working. The tool should have the ability to execute the test cases with varied data and do a thorough testing. It should also give a detailed test report of the executed test cases.

Proof of Concept


Calpion will conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) for app testing on Android and IOS devices as described below.

PoC Activities:

  • Explore the possible tool for automation in conjunction with Calpion in house Test tool HP QTP for mobile testing
  • To learn about the SeeTest Automation tool and its integration with existing tool HP QTP
  • To see how the tool would fit for the given requirement, how those would need to change to work well and how to use the tool to automate mobile applications
  • To decide on standard ways of using the tool that will work for all potential users (e.g. naming conventions, creation of libraries, defining modularity, where different elements will be stored, how they and the tool itself will be maintained)
  • Understand the OS platforms it supports for mobile testing

Use Cases for the testing

Calpion has used the below mentioned applications and use cases during the testing process

  • Experitest Banking application
    • Platform: Android, IOS 6.0
    • Tools: SeeTest Automation, HP QTP
    • Few Sample Use Cases:
      1. Customer Login to app
      2. Customer input details and make payment
      3. Customer Logout
  • uDrove application
    • Platform: Android, IOS 6.0
    • Tools: SeeTest Automation, HP QTP
    • Few Sample Use Cases:
      1. Add Timestamp
      2. Edit Timestamp
      3. Delete Timestamp
  • application
    • Platform: Android
    • Tools: SeeTest Automation, HP QTP
    • Few Sample Use Cases:
      1. TS_Android_Client_Maps_Login_module
      2. TS_Android_Client_Maps_Logout_module
      3. TS_Android_Login_Version_Number
      4. TS_Android_Client_Maps_My_Meetings_module
      5. TS_Android_Display_Picture
      6. TS_Android_Home_Button_Visible
      7. TS_Android_Location_Assigned_At_Feature
      8. TS_Android_Login_availability
      9. TS_Android_QR_Code_Quick_Launch_Button

Software Products / Technologies

Calpion will provide evaluation copies of automation software to be used on devices provided by Calpion.

Running OS Platform Automation Tool Mobile OS Platforms Development Languages Provided by
Windows 7 64 bit edition SeeTest Automation, HP QTP Android, IOS 6.0 Visual Basic for validations Calpion

Tool Integration

As part of the testing process, we would be integrating SeeTest Automation tool and HP QTP to leverage the automation testing on mobile devices as SeeTest tool does not provide a placeholder for the VB script. So we include validations through HP QTP tool after exporting the vb script into it. So there is maintenance of objects and associated properties in SeeTest automation tool and maintenance of vb script in HP QTP for different users and test data.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

As part of the testing informal knowledge transfer will be provided throughout. Client may aid Calpion in any questions they may have during this testing.

1.3 Areas Out of Scope

Any area that is not explicitly listed in section 1.2 as “within scope” is out of scope for this engagement.

The areas that are out of scope for this engagement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • IOS version over 7.0 is currently not supported for Mobile testing but IOS version 6.0 is supported
  • Application or data migration activities
  • Modifying and stabilizing the current server environment
  • Any network- or server-related issues that need troubleshooting
  • Installing any physical hardware
  • Review of operational processes
  • Industry regulatory compliance guidance or requirements
  • Defect troubleshooting in development of the Metro Style Apps prototype


Project Approach, Timeline and Service Deliverables


The key activities are given below:

  • Calpion team had initial discussion with Client to understand the need and scope of project
  • Calpion identified a suitable Automation tool to work in conjunction with HP QTP tool to perform mobile testing on android and IOS platforms
  • Calpion performed initial pilot on the sample applications in house
  • Calpion then received the list of use cases (134 nos) from Client covering both android and IOS for the Client Map application
  • Calpion identified few use cases and worked on automation of the same as part of PoC
  • Calpion got in touch with Client for any additional knowledge on the use cases

Key Work Products and Deliverables

Key Work Products and Deliverables (Calpion)
9 use cases for Client Maps is automated on Android Platform
End to End Test Reports extracted from the tool for the use cases developed & executed


It is estimated that this engagement was performed according to the timeline depicted below.

Area Activity Estimated Duration
Infrastructure Identifying the Automation tool & installation, device driver setup for PoC 1 week
Test Script Development Working on internal apps and Client Maps for android and IOS devices on SeeTest & QTP during the PoC 3 weeks

Project Roles and Responsibilities

This section provides a brief description of key project roles and responsibilities.

Project Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibilities
Client Co-Ordinator
  • Provide Use Case/Support on Functional aspects of the App when required
Program Manager
  • Manage business relations and expectations
  •  Monitor & review Project Output Deliverables
  • Ensure prompt delivery of project deliverables as per schedule
  •  Provide assistance in using the tool
Automation Test Engineer
  • Participate in developing of PoC/Test approach document
  • Building of Test scripts using the tools,/
  • Execution of Test Scripts on devices
  • Responsible for maintenance of scripts
  • Update status to Program manager


SAP Data MigrationManagement solutions

Every business aims for success. As a manager, you are always looking for ways to increase profits, reduce risk and improve efficiency and control.

If your business is running SAP®, then one strategic approach is to optimize the management of your landscape. This management includes copying systems, clients or data. It is critical to be able to copy only the data you need – accurately, consistently, and quickly.


  • Reduce the total cost of Production support
  • Eliminate the risk of sensitive data on your test and training systems
  • Refresh your systems quickly, without having to re-import transports
  • Test reports and configuration properly before transporting to Production
  • Reduce the risks and costs of an upgrade

Choosing the right data-copy software solution to assist you is therefore vital for your success. Listed below are a few data migration/copy solutions which can help you tackling such situations.

Data Sync Manager (DSM) by EPI- USE Labs

Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) is the simplest, most effective and comprehensive way to copy and mask data within your SAP BW, CRM, ERP, GTS,  SCM and SRM landscapes. DSM empowers all levels of SAP users to ensure that, even within non-production systems, they have access to production data. Data Sync Manager solves the problems commonly experienced during system, client or data copies, with its System Builder™, Client Sync™, Object Sync™ and Data Secure™ components. With significant savings in costs and time, you and your users will welcome the high  ROI and enhanced value that DSM provides.

SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS) by SAP

SAP TDMS is a high-speed data extraction tool that transfers relevant business data from your SAP production system to your development, test, quality assurance, or training system. By enabling the transfer of just the relevant set of application data from the SAP production system, SAP TDMS allows you to create a lean and consistent non-production system. SAP TDMS can be used in the test phase of SAP Application Lifecycle Management.

SAP TDMS enables you to better manage and control your non-production environment by providing the following advantages:

  • Efficient management of lean non-production systems with datasets reduced by 70 percent on an average
  • Easier creation and refresh of non-production systems
  • Improved data control through the creation of efficient and consistent non-production systems, in turn leading to reduced costs and better quality of work
  • Comprehensive data protection for sensitive organizational data

Live Interface by Intellicorp

LiveInterface for SAP provides functionality packaged in a product that meets current needs. It has been designed to address the challenge of creating representative copies of production data using automated technology. Based on user-defined criteria, LiveInterface will extract discrete subsets of production data and copy it to any other system. This complex procedure is achieved with a few simple mouse clicks.

Running inside SAP grants LiveInterface many advantages over ‘outside-in’ data management technologies. First, no additional infrastructure is required to run LiveInterface. Second, LiveInterface has access to every API and integration method that SAP supports. Third, by minimizing the number of layers between you and the data, LiveInterface delivers high-performance data transfers fast enough to support real-time business needs.

A strong quality assurance (QA) cycle, from initial requirements through to support is essential. A key part of the QA process is ensuring that the business requirements have been met. Testers face many challenges within a limited timescale. They need clear requirements to test against and representative data with which to test. The obvious solution to providing test data is to periodically make a copy of the production system to create a QA environment. This sounds easy, however SAP testers face a tremendous challenge when attempting to reuse representative high-quality production data to support development, testing and training activities.

The LiveInterface user interface is friendly, intuitive and structured in a logical and meaningful way to minimize the learning time and maximize user productivity.
It follows a simple three-step process:

  • Select
  • Execute
  • Monitor

Actifio+ SAP by Actifio

Actifio provides a comprehensive copy data management solution that extends the value of SAP, provides enhanced protection of SAP data, and makes that data available for a variety of use cases without taxing limited infrastructure.

Whether you need a better way to back up your SAP data or applications to protect your data, or need a more efficient means to provision data and extend environments for development and test data management, Actifio can help.

Actifio rapidly and efficiently mounts instant virtual copies for SAP data recovery, application testing or development without impacting production.

Actifio LiveClone enables data to be updated automatically from production in a space efficient manner, allowing development and test to work with near real time data over the lifecycle of the project.

SAP Landscape Virtualization management (LVM) by SAP

With SAP Landscape Virtualization Management software (LVM), you can reduce the capital investment and IT operational costs for managing your SAP systems and landscapes running on traditional or virtual infrastructures and increase your business agility.

Provisioning SAP systems

  • Landscape clone, copy and refresh scenarios
  • System provisioning using backup/restore technologies
  • System clone, copy and refresh for SAP Cloud Appliance Library solutions in the public cloud
  • Integration with SAP TDMS*
  • Handling application servers during system copy and refresh


SAP Automation Tool Comparison

SAP Testing Tools comparison – HP QTP vs SAP TAO vs Worksoft Certify.

Today’s SAP Testing can be enabled with a range of Automation tools. We have done extensive research and
compared the pros and cons between HP QTP (UFT) vs Worksoft Certify vs SAP TAO. Each tool has its strength
and can be leveraged based on the context of your SAP testing needs.


Calpion’s thought leadership paper

For customers embarking on SAP HANA, Calpion serves as a comprehensive expert, providing consultation and support before, during & after implementation.

You can download Calpion’s thought leadership paper on SAP Hana – Making Big Data work here


Cisco Expands the SAP Competency Center In a Big Way

The Cisco SAP Competency Center expanded its presence at the SAP Partner Port in Walldorf Germany on November 11, 2013. The expanded Competency Center will house Cisco pre-sales, benchmark and performance testing and certification engineers. The performance and certification tests are all running on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform using the Intel x86 Xeon chip set. These tests are integrated with the latest storage solution vendors such as EMC and NetApp.

Cisco specialists in the Center are connected with their SAP counterparts to provide the optimal service, support, and solutions to joint customers. In addition this Competency Center is equipped with hardware and software so that customers may bring their data into the Cisco Competency Center and test their data in a Proof of Concept setting.

Our Competency Center covers a very wide list of solutions including SAP HANA, HANA Enterprise Cloud, Suite on HANA, SAP on Vblock, SAP on FlexPod, Precision Marketing, and Sybase ASE.

The Cisco SAP Competency Center will also be used for specific customer briefings as required. Cisco continues to find additional way to service SAP customers whether on premise or cloud. The expansion of this Competency Center is another way to show customers that Cisco is investing in providing quality solutions to those customers who have made the decision to select the Cisco UCS platform for SAP.

For more information on the Cisco SAP partnership and solutions visit our website


Calpion becomes a AMERICAS’ SAP USERS’ GROUP (ASUG) member

Calpion announces its membership into AMERICAS’ SAP USERS’ GROUP (ASUG).
This membership brings a number of benefits including access to thousands of hours of customer-driven education and best practice materials, ASUG membership is an all-access pass to special value-added initiatives.
The ASUG Marketplace provides members with enhanced resources, important tools and information,
incredible member-to-member discount offerings, and much more.

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