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Our Customer based is a leader in Freight Transportation and Fleet Management domain with a vast user base ranging from public, drivers/truckers, dispatcher, brokers, freight companies & even the authorities of the Trucking Industry.

Calpion provides outsourced IT development solutions, which includes the whole software life cycle of Requirement Gathering to Deployment & Maintenance.

With the current exponential growth of mobile users, the current focus of projects majorly comprise of providing mobile support of the existing legacy system, rebranding mobile solutions to various partners.

Historically Truckers were supposed to carry logbooks, where the makes entry on a daily basis about the Load, Power Unit, Odometer reading and Hourly marking/annotation of what kind of duty status he was in. Based on the hours accumulated on the different kinds of duty status (for e.g.: Loading, Inspection, Driving, Sleeper Berth, Off Duty), the drive must conform to the limits and constraints set by the FMCSA for the Hours of Service. For instance, the Driver should not drive for more than consecutive 8 hours, without taking a rest/meal break. Also, driver is supposed to maintain a record of the Vehicle Inspection Report after each day of work, where he need to notes down and report any malfunction and repairs that needs to be done.

Inspectors from FMCSA, perform a random check on these Logs and DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) and it is mandatory for the trucker to carry an approved copy of at least the last 7 Days of logs & DVIR’s.

Fleet Management and Regulation Control App helps truckers to minimize the logging effort and physical paper logs & reports by using digital logs & GPS based functionalities for logging some duty types. With the help of EOBR (Electronic On Board Recorder), Read More...

With the Digital logs & DVIR it helps the following users:Read More...

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