Global Delivery

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We offer global services delivery – fulfilling client needs with same quality and efficiency regardless the locations in which the service is executed. Global & successful clients expect vendors to offer optimized services from global locations.

Our model easily supports 24×7 and follow-the-sun delivery-while also meeting clients’ needs for proximity, language and cultural compatibility. Our global delivery centers are interconnected with state-of-the-art telecom and datacom networking technologies and complemented by robust tools for distributed project management. This allows us to ramp resources up or down rapidly and in most cost-effective manner for clients.

Calpion offers multiple engagement models for its clients in a collaborative environment of service delivery.

Extended delivery center

  • Client & Calpion arrangement where the client enters into a contract with Calpion
  • Calpion operates a dedicated team for the client. In most cases, the center functions under a 'look and feel' similar to the client environment
  • Client and Calpion set up a vehicle to predominantly service the client's businesses
  • Work is performed in a collaborative manner with client's teams
  • Knowledge retention and long-term continuity
  • Minimal pre-requisites
  • Makes additional bandwidth available on short notice
  • Flexible, easy to change
  • Example of nature of work: Ongoing maintenance, operations, development, testing, quality assurance, test automation.

Calpion's Project based Engagement Model

The client and Calpion set up an arrangement, through which Calpion is contracted for end-to- end project, or to provide specific services for a defined period of the project

  • Statement of Work (SOW) forms the basis for engagement
  • At a point where the project delivery is complete and services are properly established, management and ownership is transferred to the client
  • Multiple touch points with the client's team are defined
  • Lower involvement of client's team
  • Example of nature of work: Development, testing, test automation.

Calpion's 'Build Operate Transfer' model

It helps clients in capturing new markets, optimize business processes, reduce administrative overheads by establishing an extended arm of the clients business. We assess the risks, opportunities and identify the right solution to match your global operational needs. This is a long term relationship which helps clients to gain a competitive advantage in a global environment. The client has a right to own the facility, while we build the facility, hire the employees, get the operation running for an agreed period of time (usually a period of 3-5 years), and hand over the operations to the client after the agreed period.

Professional Services

  • Calpion is completely responsible for a discrete function/process
  • Frees up client's resources
  • Example of nature of work: design-to-deploy, support and testing
Staff augmentation model, with ad-hoc search for required resources and skills Managing FTEs, not projects. Example of nature of work: Development, testing, migration, data administration, application maintenance & support.

Calpion's working mode

We quote for issues and incidents and support it. Example of nature of work maintenance & support.

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