Mobility Solutions for Security Guard Company

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Security solutions provider keeps pace with next-gen mobile devices

A company offering PC-based security management applications and specialized security solutions sought to upgrade its offerings. Based in USA and operating a network of 160+ branches across 120 countries, it was the first company in the security services industry to receive ISO certification. The company’s security management application portfolio leveraged cutting-edge technology to minimize security management overheads and improve quality of service for customers. In-built features for financial visibility and accountability empowered the company’s customers to assess returns on investment in security management programs. The security management solutions provider engaged Calpion to enhance its product line. We helped the company offer intuitive security management applications for mobile devices using the Android platform. We developed web-based dashboards to help companies providing security services monitor security management systems, screen security information, track employee work hours, undertake site inspections, and record around-the-clock security data across locations. We created repositories for easy storage and retrieval of data on pre-employment background checks, training programs for security officers, invoices, security guard tours, onsite incidents, workforce supervision record notes, and management decisions.

Connecting the dots in security management

Calpion developed comprehensive and user-friendly security management applications by applying best practices across the software development lifecycle – from business analysis and development to deployment, regression testing and maintenance.Read More...

The Calpion team simplified existing code, used rich Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and enhanced the user interface to realize enterprise mobility. We developed protocols for reliable communication between Android mobile devices and enterprise servers hosting the security management applications.Read More...

Realizing total security

The security management solutions company implemented our software at its offices and critical customer locations. Security officers use Android mobile devices to –Read More...


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