Microsoft Application Support for Healthcare Customer

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Our customer an enterprise consulting company provides enterprise consulting, technology solutions and IT services that optimize business management and operations for Health care industry.

Our customer provides mainframe application modernization services and solutions, with a particular focus on CICS applications. IBM CICS remains one of the most powerful and most widely used transaction processing systems in the world, yet it is more than forty years old and a great many CICS applications are in their second or third decade, which poses a problem for the organization that has to serve the modern employee, partner, and customer.

Historically mainframe users rely on trusted legacy applications. Our customer offers modernization services and solutions for organizations reliant on legacy mainframe applications.

Given our expertise in .NET, our mainframe modernization practice employs WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine,


Consider an example will illustrate the challenge. A large bank with millions of customers manages its accounts using a CICS application built more than twenty years ago.


Calpion has the technical capability to develop applications on



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