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As in other industries mobile technologies are driving major changes and innovations in healthcare. mHealth from being a buzzword few years back has become a core component of healthcare technology strategy for most organizations including providers (hospitals, health systems and clinics), payers and ancillary service providers.

mHealth applications are being leveraged for better patient and member engagement, wellness, education and even for specialized clinical and other operational activities. With the growing adoption of healthcare wearables there is a convergence of mobile apps and IoT devices. The lines between consumer applications and specialized clinical devices is blurring.

The prevalence of smartphones, improved networks such as 4G and changes in payment systems have given a boost to areas such as telemedicine leading to increased demands for apps which support delivery of healthcare services remotely. From a technology perspective challenges such as data exchange, interoperability between mobile and other IoT devices and data security issues are currently the key areas of focus for entities in the healthcare ecosystem.

According to Gartner’s “Top 10 Mobile Technologies and Capabilities for 2015 and 2016” report some of the top technologies and capabilities that will drive digital business strategies in 2015 and 2016 are HTML5, Advanced Mobile UX Design, High-Precision Location Sensing, Wearable Devices, Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), Mobile-Connected Smart Objects.

As part of its healthcare technology services offering Calpion provides healthcare mobile apps (mHealth) and IoT development and testing services aligned with the latest technology developments in the mHealth and IoT space

  • Android and iOS native mobile apps
  • HTML 5 based hybrid apps
  • Mobile apps using cross platform tools such as Phonegap, IONIC and Titanium
  • Wearable/Fitness APIs – Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, RunKeeper, Nike+, Withings etc.

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications for health plans and providers
  • mHealth applications for Patient Engagement
  • Mobile EHR and clinical information access
  • Mobile Health BI
  • Patient 360 degree visibility
  • Provider Access, Scheduling and Communication
  • Telemedicine and Teleconsultation applications
  • Mobile app integration with wearables and backend systems
  • HIT solutions using Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol

  • Mobile app for patient eligibility verification prior to appointment
  • Development of Mobile App for Urgent Care with functionalities such as location based facility look-up/search and teleconsultations
  • Mobile app for customer service reps to view member data on the go for a health plan with 3 million members
  • IoT application development using NFC (Near Filed Communication) protocol for a global technology company

  • Strong technology expertise in mobile application development android, iOS and technologies such as HTML5 and PhoneGap
  • Expertise with mHealth use cases and security protocols
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Extended Engineering Team

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