Test Automation of Health Risk Assessment Application

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The customer is a large health insurance company running blue plans in 5 states totaling more than 15 million members and has over 20,000 employees. Customer has a large number of enterprise application catering to various health insurance business areas such as Claims Administration, Member Management, Population Health Management and Provider Management.

Customer was developing an application to auto-load Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaires and then auto-create Programs and Tasks associated to the members. The questionnaire are answered by members having BCBS health insurance.

Calpion provides end-to-end testing and test automation services to the customers helping reduce testing costs and improve quality.

Customer’s testing processes were completely manual, there was no automation leading to long testing cycles impacting downstream business processes. Also there was a lack of bandwidth in the existing testing team for them to perform comprehensive testing as well as lack of automation skills in-house.

Calpion implemented a testing solution including an automation framework for automating the testing of different HRA tests.Read More...

  • The customer was able to reduce testing times substantially

Calpion leverages latest testing techniques and healthcare domain knowledge to implement customized testing solutions...Read More...


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