Cyber Security Services

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The all-pervasive information and communication technologies also create vulnerabilities to cybercrime and securing digital assets against cybercrime is one of the greatest challenges of the current time.

The significant financial damage caused due to short disruptions of production enterprise networks can endanger companies and nations.

Furthermore, regulatory requirements for collecting, reviewing and storing logs complying with government and industry regulations, has become a mandate.

With Calpion, we bring experience and expertise in the cyber security services, suiting businesses of varied sizes and requirements.

Reach us to talk about how we can effectively monitor and provide real time visibility to your business critical applications, systems, networks, and databases.

Some of the stated business Challenges

  • Emerging Threat Vectors
  • Lack of Situational Awareness
  • Limited Intelligence
  • Focused & Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Too Many Point Solutions Working in Silos

We enable enterprises to build a robust security infrastructure and provide a focused cyber security architecture, and adopt a robust cyber security solutions strategy.

We Consult, Implement, Manage and Monitor cyber security services to protect our customers, through

  • Security Assessment
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Security Information and Event Management – SIEM
  • Behavioral and threat analytics
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Managed Security Services are delivered from the Security Operations Center (SOC) for monitoring and remediation of threats to the IT environment.

  • We help monitor and defend your IT Infrastructure including E-mail, critical applications, websites, data, identity, servers, networks and end-user devices.
  • The Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed with certified and trained resources,
  • With 24×7 x 365 managed security services, can help achieve the governance and regulatory requirements.
  • Our managed service helps prevent DDOS attacks
  • Threat Analytics and Behavior Analytics helps reduce false positives generated by the security infrastructure
  • Our solutions can effectively handle ransomware.

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