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Patient Engagement is considered to be one of the key drivers of improved healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction. An effective “Patient Engagement” program can be leveraged to benefit both the patient and the provider. Calpion’s Anodyne platform provides a powerful tool for “Patient Financial Engagement” using a set of tools to enable “Seamless” and “Automated” interaction with patients.

Anodyne helps in efficient management of interactions between providers and patients with regards to the latter’s financial liabilities. It allows scheduling of regular reminders to patients through phone calls, email and text messages, fully complying with all patient communication rules and mandates and enables out-of-pocket collections and payment processing. It provides both inbound and outbound channels for communication i.e. provider to patient outreach and for patients to reach out to providers, using the channel of their choice for making payments.

Anodyne leverages advanced analytics capabilities to figure out the best possible options for engaging with patients in terms of the mode (phone, email, text etc.), time of the day and frequency. This leads to a much enhanced patient experience and improved outcomes.

High deductible and basic economy plans driving changes in the healthcare ecosystem have put additional financial burdens on patients and members.

This results in increased focus on patient payments and the following associated challenges

  • Patient payments are usually smaller than payor payment
  • Patients are hard to contact and need to be contacted frequently
  • Cost of collecting from patients is very high
  • Outsourcing to offshore vendors leads to cultural and PR gaps
  • Bottom-line getting paid from patients is a high cost, high volume, PR sensitive process


“Apart from enabling seamless patient payments, Anodyne can be leveraged for – Medication Adherence, Appointment Scheduling and Reminders, Wellness Mgmt. Programs and Patient Surveys.”

  • Automated patient engagement, regular, planned, non-intrusive follow-ups
  • Uses advanced analytics to determine most optimum patient outreach techniques
  • Multiple payment modes– credit/debit cards, ACH to help improve the payment rate
  • Works with a variety of applications and infrastructure set-ups
  • HIPAA compliant, ensures security of patient data
  • End-to-end workflow, data extraction, patient outreach and payment processing
  • Seamless user onboarding with minimal training requirements
  • Out-of-the-box solution, requires minimal training

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