Cloud Services

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Calpion’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts have experience in quickly deploying applications on AWS infrastructure with AWS services like EC2, S3, Simple DB, SQS.

The value proposition we offer include a team working 24/7 to proactively monitor and manage all aspects of your application and infrastructure. We offer lower costs by leveraging the knowledge of highly skilled AWS architects, a global delivery model and by the use of advanced tools and processes.

Deciding to start the move to the cloud is a daunting task – especially when you have the responsibility of data security and availability for an entire organization. But the potential benefits of a cloud strategy – including cost savings, upgrade ease, availability – are clearly worth evaluation. With a planned, staged transition based on your current hardware, security issues, architecture, and integration priorities, your move to the cloud can be a strategic advantage.

Cloud based application hosting is dramatically changing the IT landscape for enterprises. Calpion’s Cloud enablement division offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services to help your company realize clearly measurable economic benefits that can be achieved from successful cloud implementations. Whether you are evaluating private, public or hybrid clouds to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or are considering the cloud for platform as a service (PaaS), the Calpion cloud team is ready to help your cloud computing initiative succeed.

Calpion's Cloud Strategy and Migration Planning

Our Cloud Strategy and Migration Planning services help you evaluate the opportunities, benefits and risks of integrating the cloud into your organization. A good Cloud solution is service- oriented, web-powered, on demand and managed by a third party. With these elements in mind, we offer multiple paths to integrate and optimize the cloud as a means to drive down cost while increasing agility and competitive position.

Cloud Architecture and Design

Cloud computing presents new alternatives that should be considered for every project. Our Cloud Architecture and Design services help you balance the cost, agility and risks to make and implement the right choices for your organization. With our help, clients can decide their direction with confidence, from choosing between public and private clouds – or a hybrid approach; knowing which software, platform, and infrastructure service is most appropriate; incorporating legacy systems integration; and planning for phased implementation to promote success and adoption.

Calpion's Cloud Migration Services

Organizations are migrating a variety of solutions to the cloud, whether they are public, private, or a mix of both. Calpion’s Cloud Migration services help clients successfully migrate by helping them gain clarity on important architecture decisions, minimize the (often perceived) risks associated with migrating to the cloud, minimize impact to business and IT, and get it right the first time to pave the way for future cloud initiatives.

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