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The Project - The Start Point And Objectives

To deliver high-quality applications within the SAP environment can be a daunting and incredibly challenging task. With constant changes implemented to take your business forward, even small updates can have a huge effect, with the potential to touch multiple business applications and systems across the enterprise. These changes, while delivering new processes and functionalities, require a continued test requirement.

With Calpion’s ‘Zeus’-SAP Test Accelerator, we help you leverage best practice techniques to test your critical business processes quickly and effortlessly.

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Calpion’s ‘Zeus’-SAP Test Accelerator provides you with pre-built manual test cases and pre-automated test cases to test your SAP systems out-of-the-box. These components allow you to validate the most commonly used SAP modules from sales and distribution, financial accounting to production planning and human capital management to name a few. With the Accelerator, you can automate new processes or update existing tests faster than ever before.

The Problems in SAP Testing

Some of the issues that exist in the current SAP manual Testing process in the industry:

  • Regression testing of core SAP ERP functionalities happens over a long span of time
  • Lack of proper sequencing of regression test cases leads to redundancy in test activities
  • No automated testing enabled due to a need for specialized skills for test automation
  • A lack of functional coverage of test cases
  • A low rate of defect removal efficiency
  • Takes a very slow time to market
  • Compliance issues and concerns
  • A clear-cut lack of reporting and collaboration among different teams
  • No constant data tracking and configuration validations for the system processes


Calpion delivered a Testing Strategy to meet the QA goals set by stakeholders. The Testing strategy includes:

  • The Accelerator Suite for SAP provides a readymade package of pre-automated T-Code based test case scripts with integrated data management, specifically designed to be easily adaptable to every client's unique SAP environment.
  • A testing solution to provide true Hybrid framework technology with data-driven testing. Easy-to-use spreadsheets contain the testing data, and the driver scripts to perform testing against SAP.
  • ‘Zeus’ covers SAP ERP modules namely Finance (FI), Material Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), HCM which most often is the core of an organization's operations.
  • ‘Zeus’ works with HP Software’s Quality Management products which include Quality Center 11.0/ALM for Test Management and Quick Test Professional/UFT 11.5 for Automation.
  • Provides accelerated Manual Test Executions and Defect Reporting using HP QC.
  • Transparency and visibility in the overall Test progress.
  • Provide batch mode of execution of Test Suites during different test phases.
  • Accelerate Manual testing, enabling functional experts to execute the test scripts from within the HP QC.

Tools Implemented

The solution involved employing HP ALM for test and defect management, and HP QTP for test automation.


With the help and research of our experienced QA team, Calpion was able to build ‘Zeus’- SAP Test Accelerator which provides a comprehensive library of prebuilt Test Cases ready for Execution. This covers a vast scope of business processes customizable and suitable to your unique environment.

  • Achieve 70-80% Test coverage of core business processes
  • Enable at least 60-70% of automated tests for Regression testing
  • Realize at least 30-40% base cost reductions for Automation of regression scripts in newer geographies and countries
  • Ability to test for multiple master data sets
  • Successful monthly package regression testing

Product Road-Map

A few new features that are to be incorporated in future versions of ‘Zeus’ include:

  • An ability to choose the desired SAP modules to perform test executions
  • An ability to execute single and multiple test scripts and gather test reports
  • Features ‘Batch mode’ of execution and reporting for unattended test script execution
  • Enhanced customized HTML test reporting along with standard HP QTP reports
  • Current and previous Test run’s comparison capability is enabled by using the HP UFT-result viewer The advanced test resource backup feature to take timely backup of test artifacts frequently
  • Ability to launch HP Quality Center/ALM from ‘Zeus’ for Test management

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