SAP Mexico e-invoice solution

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Our client is a manufacture of automotive seats, automotive interiors, instrument panels, lithium batteries, control panels & is a supplier to leading auto manufactures like Chrysler, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford & Toyota. Our client has a plant in Mexico to manufacture and supply to its US customers.


The Client had implemented SAP Modules for running their end to end business. Currently the client sends digital Invoices with Pre-approved Folio number ranges (issued by The Govt. of Mexico). The digital invoices are stamped in-house for all customers specified in the Mexico company code maintained in the table. The digital invoices for all customers in Mexico country company code it is mandatory to get an approval from the Mexican government to fulfill Mexico’s statutory/legal requirement as per guidelines from Fiscal Administration Office (SAT Spanish acronym for Servicio de Administración Tributaria). Digital invoices must meet the Internet Digital Fiscal Receipt specifications, and in parallel fulfill electronically CLIENT customers (OEM) invoicing (Accounts Payable) requirements

Purpose of Mexico e-invoice


The Mexico digital invoicing cycle (system processes) covers


In all Mexican country company code customer Digital invoices sent to Mexican government for approvals.



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