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With over 18 years of global excellence in delivering customized technology solutions, Calpion is a SOC and HIPAA-certified IT software consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. From building sustainable supply chains to transforming business processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and machine learning solutions, we have been enabling organizations to handle the changing trends and needs of the industry and stay ahead of the competition.
With customized automated solutions and scalable Salesforce implementations, Calpion has helped businesses to organize, operate, and innovate their processes which led to optimal business performance and better ROI. We use AI with advanced deep learning and machine learning methodologies, and follow all IT security protocols while designing the solutions for our clients in USA. Globally we are a team of over 800+ technology experts with a combined IT experience of more than 3,000+ years.

Calpion Technologies

Practices within Calpion

Calpion Organizational Performance

We’ll boost your organizational
performance in 3 steps

Calpion Organizational Performance

We believe that you are yet to discover your limits. Calpion leads from the front to help you move forward by refining ongoing operations through scalable solutions. Our end-to-end IT solutions from a team of professionals highly-qualified in the latest technologies ensure that you are ready for upcoming business needs and challenges. For more than 17 years, we have  been combining strong functional capabilities with extensive industry experience to help varying business sizes across multiple industries, including healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and biotechnology.

Calpion ensures optimal business performance and a
better ROI in 3 simple steps

Analyzing Industry Challenges

Analyzing industry challenges and business needs

Our research and development team leverages their deep industry knowledge to analyze challenges and needs to lead an industry. Our strong experience in multiple business domains across multi-billion dollar industries such as trucking & freight allows us to explore different customer requirements.

Proposing Innovative and Unique Business Solutions

Proposing innovative and unique business solutions

A team well-versed in the latest technologies, including, but not limited to, Deep Learning, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, AWS, .Net, PHP, and Power BI, devises innovative business solutions focused on your core missions and goals. Our second step is to propose scalable solutions that can boost overall business performance.

Implement Solutions

Implement, maintain and manage the solutions on an ongoing basis

From creating robust analytic tools to developing cloud-based web applications, Calpion takes charge of the maintenance and management on an ongoing basis. We deliver business solutions in asked time frames while keeping pace with the latest technologies. We ensure their seamless functionality to provide operational efficiency.

Get ready to improve your overall business performance with high-end solutions.

Let Calpion build you powerful and flexible business solutions. Reach out to discuss your business now.

Industry solutions

Our clients enjoy custom strategies that are tailored to their business.

Healthcare solutions
Healthcare solutions


From patient registration to AR management, we do it all. We can help optimize your RCM process to boost your revenue.

Biotechnology solutions
Biotechnology solutions


Calpion helps organizations use advanced software technology to solve critical problems in biotechnology to make our lives better for humankind.

Logistics and supply chain
Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain

Our portfolio of solutions from the use of IoT to building custom applications to optimize complex supply chains provides companies a way to increase profitability and maintain quality of service.

Manufacturing and retail
Manufacturing and Retail

Manufacturing and retail

With cutting-edge technology applications in manufacturing and retail, we are not just optimizing how products are made but also how those products are sold.

Calpion Clients

Why do our clients love us?

Our oath to partners and clients is reduced turn-around time, secured environment, better productivity, and measurable results. Our global clientele has always appreciated the value we bring to their business.

  • We become your trusted advisor and offer best-in-class customized solutions aligned to your business.
  • We have a Tech-savvy workforce to provide you support 24/7.
  • Our solutions offer you strategic value and measurable ROI.
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What our clients are saying about us?

Even though I wasn’t very tech savvy Calpion helped me solution my business problem using technology and I run a more efficient business. Thank you Calpion!

Nelson Hilley
Nelson Hilley

We were always chasing tight deadlines within my organization and Calpion has been our extended arm outside the organization that has helped us finish multiple projects on-time every time. Cheers!

Delivery Manager

I was introduced to Calpion by a friend, and I now love working with Calpion. Calpion has been able to provide the right talent from UI designers to deep learning experts and project managers for my internal projects and I will gladly refer Calpion to anyone looking for help with building custom enterprise applications.

Peter Smith
Peter Smith

Our success stories

Machine learning and deep learning in biotechnology

We transformed the biotech industry by revolutionizing protein synthesis to discover new drugs. Traditional processes required complex chemical reactions and even after that, there was no guarantee of a positive result. Calpion has simplified this by leveraging machine learning & deep learning.

Streamlining trucking and Logistics operations

Calpion empowers leading logistic & trucking companies by optimizing and enhancing their operational efficiency. We offer thorough analytic & reporting services for a trucking & logistics company to make informed business decisions

Workflow optimization in manufacturing industry

Calpion has developed automation and custom applications to save time & costs for workflows that were traditionally considered time-consuming and tiresome. The automation works with an efficiency of 99% & operates 24/7 without human intervention.

Claim management application for healthcare

Our high-performing claim management tool for a leading Dental Insurance company with approx 500 facilities handles around 1000 users &100,000 transactions on an average daily. The tool streamlined claim management & processing for a variety of claim types.

Calpion Success Stories

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Our case studies

Having solved complex problems for various industries we would like to share some of our work.

Custom Application Development and Maintenance

Custom Application Development and Maintenance

Enterprise Software
Revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management

Deep learning

Deep learning

Science and Technology

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