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Medical Billing

Tech-enabled medical billing services to streamline your revenue cycle
Medical Billing

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Medical Billing

Medical Billing is the center of all Revenue Cycle Management services. The survival of the healthcare providers or hospitals depend on how well organized their billing processes are. The healthcare industry is patient-centric, and its sole purpose is to provide premium quality treatment and care. But ultimately, it is also a business, and thus industry's profits depend on how you bill and collect payments from your patients and payers. Calpion has provided medical billing services to healthcare professionals and hospitals for the past 18 years.

Healthcare practices who opt for our services have shown inclined growth in their revenue and have achieved financial goals well within their expectations. Our team has immense experience in healthcare billing and uses cutting-edge technology that enhances the quality of work and aligns the results with your business goals.

Reasons to hire us for your medical billing services

Affordable medical billing services

Affordable and Scalable

We use economics of scale to provide cost-efficient medical billing services. We have human resources and a system in place to handle all your bills, which cost just a fraction of the time and money you are investing currently. Our system can scale according to your need without adding additional IT infrastructure.

Faster medical billing services

Get faster payment

We take care of your medical bills and claims to avoid errors. We thoroughly verify the details before billing the patients or insurance companies to avoid rejections and payment delays. We use technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to eliminate all the manual and repetitive processes.

pay medical billing services


The most significant disadvantage of hiring and maintaining a full-time team of medical billers is that you need to bear a fixed cost of their salary whether the business is booming or going slow. Calpion charges only for the work they do. We take a small portion of the collection as our service charge. That means you do not need to worry about fixed expenses and pay flexibly according to your business requirements.

Compliance medical billing

Stay with compliance

Medical billing rules keep on changing regularly. Hospitals and healthcare providers need to stay updated with these changes and upgrades in the regulations to avoid penalties and loss in revenue. Our team is constantly in touch with different healthcare professionals and knows all the latest updates in the medical billing rules segment. We mold our services according to the latest compliance and industry trends to provide the best results within the set timeline.

Do you want to outsource medical billing services and enhance
your revenue cycle?

Outsource Plutus Health Inc, the vertical developed by Calpion Inc. to provide complete medical RCM services to healthcare providers worldwide. Our industry experts offer tailored services to you according to your requirements.

We secure and manage your healthcare organization's financial viability and save time in your medical billing functionality. We can negotiate underpaid claims on your behalf and provide out-of-network medical billing services.

Our resources boost patient care, provide high-quality care, and improve patient satisfaction. Are you looking to outsource medical billing companies?

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