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Medical Coding

Eliminate denials and submit clean claims with AI-powered medical coding services
Medical coding services

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Medical Coding

The revenue of healthcare providers and hospitals depends on the reimbursement they receive from insurance payers. Collecting revenue from payers is not as easy as it looks. Payers demand precise documentation and medical coding while the claim is being submitted. They do not process the claim if they find the slightest error indocumentation or coding.

Calpion knows how stressful medical coding is and its importance in revenue generation. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are certified by AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). We use cutting-edge technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide medical coding, which eliminates all manual coding errors.

Outsource Calpion’s medical coding services to achieve your goals

Medical guidelines and compliance keep updating regularly, and so are the medical codes. Codes and modifiers change slightly or entirely with time and the way of treatment. Small details need to be addressed and analyzed while coding. Our team is thorough with medical coding and understands all aspects of medical RCM.

Error-free medical coding

Error-free medical coding

Calpion delivers premium quality medical coding services aligned with industry standards and your business. Our vertical, Plutus Health Inc., provides medical RCM services to healthcare providers and is a HIPPA-compliant organization with a team of 800+ medical billers and coders.

end to end medical coding

End-to-end solution

Medical codes are part of RCM services. Our team verifies the codes entered by you or reviews the medical records to correctly code according to compliant and accurately reflect the delivered services. Coders from our team are responsible for ensuring correct CPT and ICD codes will be used on the claims. As a final quality control, the quality assurance team checks and approves the codes before submitting them to the payers.

Secured medical coding services

Complete security

We are SOC-2 certified and use modern technologies like RPA, ML, and AI to provide high-end security to your money, personal information, and documentation. Calpion saved the data in a secured cloud server that allows complete transparency and freedom of data accessibility to authorized people.

Professional medical coding services

Professional Advantage

We strictly evaluate your documents and apply coding accordingly to eliminate denials. You can stand out and have a professional advantage by leveraging the tech-enabled medical coding services provided by Calpion. Our medical coding and revenue cycle management(RCM) solutions help to collect payments faster and you a competitive advantage.

What makes Calpion different?

Reach new heights with Plutus Health Inc., one of the top RCM service providers in the healthcare industry. We submit flawless claims and streamline your processes to get you maximum reimbursement.

Best medical coding services
  • Accurate medical coding aligned with changing compliance in the healthcare environment.
  • Right ICD, CPT, HCPCS codes, and modifiers to boost precision and reduce denials.
  • Tailored medical coding and RCM services according to your needs.
  • Top-notch technology and aid delivered to manage your patient volume.
  • Eradicate the regulatory risk and concentrate on maximizing your income.

Want to outsource medical coding service providers?

Contact us and leverage our tech-enabled AI-powered medical coding services to accomplish your financial goals.