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RPA-based Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management

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Meet Zeus

Zeus is our newest, most innovative technology explicitly designed to automate your healthcare billing tasks. Zeus automates your practice’s repetitive revenue cycle management tasks and processes, so your employees don't have to.

As the industry experts in revenue cycle management solutions, we’ve created a unique process that combines machine learning and robotic process automation to address our clients' most frustrating problems. We’ll help you boost your clean claims percentage and maximize revenue with our end-to-end solutions—and we’ll do it all while decreasing your overall overhead costs!

Accelerate and automate your healthcare billing tasks

Zeus Works Faster

Zeus works faster

Your robotic employee does not need sleep, bathroom breaks, or lunch breaks. Zeus works around the clock to ensure your medical billing tasks are always up-to-date and processed.

Zeus Eliminates Human Error

Zeus eliminates human error

Human error accounts for a significant percentage of denied claims. Enter Zeus, the perfect bot that never tires, gets distracted,or makes mistakes, ensuring the percentage of your clean claim gets a substantial boost.

Zeus KPIs

Zeus improves the KPIs that matter most to you

Are you most concerned about your clean claims percent? Maybe you’re really focusing on reworking denied claims.No matter what KPIs you’re searching for, Zeus can find them. Enjoy your reports in beautiful, easy-to-read spreadsheets.

Zeus Software

Zeus software or hardware required

Most AI is currently sold as software, making it an expensive investment with a high learning curve. We decided to change the model. We offer Zeus as a service, meaning you don’t have to buy any software or hardware, and you don’t need to learn how to operate Zeus!

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