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10 Industries That Can Benefit From Custom Application Development in 2023


Shane D'Souza

Shane D'Souza

Custom application development solutions benefit these industries

Digital transformation is changing how we see software innovation and development. Among all cutting-edge technologies, virtual reality and artificial intelligence challenge designers to find fresh ways to fulfill consumer demand.

Innovation leaders must remain ahead of these quick changes to incorporate them into their business practices. To that end, look at some of the most important industries that will benefit from custom application services in 2023.

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1. Healthcare

One of the biggest and fastest-growing businesses worldwide is healthcare. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that from 2018 to 2028, employment in healthcare professions will increase by 14%.  

Healthcare organizations need custom application services to improve productivity, adapt to changes, and scale. Adopting custom application solutions saves unnecessary paperwork and gives healthcare workers more time to concentrate on patient care. With the assistance of experienced custom application developers like Calpion, you can design cutting-edge, unique healthcare software that not only meets your demands but also helps you increase your ROI.

2. Logistics

Third-party logistics software now dominates the market since it is essential to running a logistics company. Market analysts anticipate that the worldwide Transportation Management Systems will reach $4 billion by 2025. Third-party transport management systems are a common alternative, but they come with their own set of difficulties.  

A logistics company gains from custom application solutions in many ways. They can build custom application solutions to focus on a firm's specific demands, allowing added efficiency and specialization. The logistics industry should look for companies that provide thoughtfully designed custom application solutions for merchants, logistics providers, shipping firms, and warehouse operators. We match solutions to client business requirements, knowledge gaps, and issues.

3. Finance

Insurance, online banking, lending, wealth management, and other financial services increasingly invest in financial technology (fintech) and peer-to-peer payments. The financial market had grown from 151 billion dollars in 2017 to 381 billion dollars in 2022, according to Statista.  

A financial institution needs adaptable skills to meet the stringent nature of financial rules while being client-centric to win, keep, and engage such a customer. The custom application development of specialized software is essential for the financial sector. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our experts at Calpion offer full-cycle financial custom application solutions to match your business domain and budget requirements.

4. Hospitality

By providing a superior experience, you may exceed your visitors' service expectations with a custom application solution in hospitality. Use cutting-edge hospitality custom application services for making reservations room booking, loyalty and personalization engines, amenity services, and intelligent capabilities. The Calpion team delivers a science-led, scalable strategy for each hospitality solution focused on providing the most exemplary technological support for the customer.

5. Professional Services

Custom application solutions may be the only way to ensure a highly personalized and satisfying user experience in professional services. Custom application solution provides enhanced customer engagement and certainly a higher ROI. Whether it is Non-profits, Insurance, Accounting or consulting, the team can make faster decisions by utilizing and streamlining automated data.  

6. Manufacturing

Custom application solutions offer special software that lowers expenses, boosts productivity and efficiency, manages supply chains and inventory, and automates project planning and production tracking. Calpion works hard to provide unique products and first-rate services to support your business's growth and financial success.

We can build custom application solutions to focus on a firm's specific demands, allowing even more efficiency and specialization. Widening supply chain visibility, asset management, complete automation, and customized connection with current systems are just a few of the many advantages of custom application development software.

7. Supply Chain

Manufacturing and production companies know how critical technology adoption is to streamline the supply chain. It's a fantastic chance to use the most recent technologies. We can make a custom software application to match your specific needs when packaged software cannot provide for your company's needs.  

The development of custom supply chain software demands a substantial initial expenditure. However, these are long-term investments that will support meeting current and future demands. Regarding usage cases, mainly bespoke meets the needs of big businesses for intricate supply networks.

8. Biotechnology

The booming medical industry of today has a lot of potential thanks to biotechnology. The biotech industry was is already valued at $752.88 billion by experts in 2020, and they anticipate it to will increase at a CAGR of 15.83% by 2028. Businesses need contemporary software to gain an advantage in this information-rich market. It's no surprise that biotech software development is a burgeoning trend, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

The process of developing new drugs is incredibly intricate and tightly controlled. A lot  good amount of money is spent on Food and Drug Administration approval preparations as well. It is essential to automate every process to avoid taking a detour on the way from a concept to a solution. Calpion is the ideal partner for developing custom application solutions that aid businesses in making decisions, saving time and resources, and creating cost-effective pharmaceuticals.

9. Construction

The construction sector faces several difficulties, including a labor shortage, gaps in supply and demand, lost bids and deals, and time overruns. The year 2023 will be fantastic for construction, and the only direction to go is up, given the advancements and the strong demand for services. You receive a one-of-a-kind solution created especially for your company when you choose a custom application solution like Calpion. It can be customized to meet your individual needs and built according to them. It stops the tool from running or controlling your company. Instead, you are free to achieve your professional objectives.

10. Retail

In 2023 and beyond, E-commerce and Retail will continue to set the pace and be a top priority. However, widespread digital adoption has not yet totally replaced the in-store experience. More individuals are discovering that the customer journey isn't limited to a single encounter; thus, retail places will need to strike a balance in their strategy. Custom application services like Calpion's can help simplify your customers' journey. It enhances the user experience and encourages them to use the software again.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the most common examples we encounter in our work. However, Regardless of the industry, custom application development services can resolve any business challenge. If your company is debating whether a custom application is the best option for your industry, we'd be happy to discuss your requirements and how customized software might be beneficial.

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Shane D'Souza

Shane is an Associate Director at Calpion Inc. Shane brings a decade of experience providing enterprise-level solutions using applied artificial intelligence for organizations from Fortune 500 to high scalability startups. Being a graduate in engineering and a post-graduate in international business, Shane comes with sharp business acumen to grow businesses and provide cutting-edge solutions for clients in their digital transformation journey. With experience applying futuristic technologies for various industries, Shane is the go-to expert on artificial intelligence, deep learning, and enterprise software solutions. He loves talking to CXOs about their challenges, planning, and charting the best way forward.

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