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Top Reasons To Build Your Next Enterprise Application On Salesforce


Mahesh Gangadhar

Mahesh Gangadhar

Enterprise application on Salesforce

In today's highly competitive world, delivering the best services to customers is essential. Salesforce application can take your company to the next level. The unique combination of SaaS service offerings from a single vendor creates new flexibility in app development, requiring minimal effort.

Cloud computing is currently dominating the market, with Salesforce’s being one of the leading platforms for corporate software creation. Salesforce is a cloud industry pioneer that has continued to invest substantially in its core technology. Let's dig deep to find the five main reasons to build your business application on Salesforce.

The Advantages of building Web Apps on Salesforce Application:

Building an application on a cloud ecosystem offers significant cost reductions. Using the cloud eliminates the need to purchase and manage servers, databases, and operating systems. Dynamic web pages built on the salesforce application can be hosted and maintained quickly.

1. Endless options and opportunities

Salesforce is enterprise-ready; You can create anything from a simple single-page brochure website to a dynamic and comprehensive E-commerce store. You can build high-performance sites with the popular framework. Corporate sites with static pages are the simplest to make, especially with basic HTML understanding. Pre-built components and free AppExchange apps can help you construct web pages within an hour. Custom creation and expertise in Salesforce programming language require more interactive web applications and streamlined business workflow.

2. Codeless Development

Salesforce is an especially favorable alternative for small firms since the company provides access to high-powered software, low-code development environments, and previously reserved technologies for large corporations. It creates web apps and workflows that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. Writing code can lead to security risks, usability concerns, and poor search engine optimization without familiarity with Salesforce technology. Hiring a professional development company that is well-versed in technology and has expertise in constructing cloud-based applications is the best approach to reduce risks and achieve a well-built, functional app.

3. Robust, Reliable, and highly secure

Salesforce is built-with high security in mind from the start. Salesforce delivers new tools and instructional resources to our clients to help them protect their data, but we think security is a shared responsibility. We strongly advise all clients to follow the best practices outlined below better to save your Salesforce instance and match industry standards.

4. You can rely on high scalability

SaaS systems have great flexibility and a variety of features. The platform can scale up or down based on the business requirement and the number of user licenses purchased. Salesforce provides a wide range of subscription plans, but you can customize the settings and functionality to match your business needs better. Well-designed websites and applications can handle millions of users and billions of transactions in real-time without clashes. As a result, it's ideal for custom web development requiring global deployments for many other users.

5. A mobile-first approach

Mobile phones accounted for 58.99% of all global online traffic in 2022. Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites, ranking them higher than the regular unresponsive websites. That is why investing in responsive design and mobile landing pages is worthwhile. Mobile-friendly applications ensure that clients who visit on desktop or mobile have a user-friendly experience. As a result, your website will look and work on tablets, computers, and smartphones, allowing you to reach more clients faster.

Benefits of using Salesforce Application:

Salesforce makes it simple and inexpensive to build a web application, online store, or marketing site with dynamic pages that work on all devices. These features assist developers in creating a user Interface (UI) that adapts to device features without requiring extensive code.

Suppose you want to implement, test, and deploy Salesforce for your business. In that case, we monitor your Salesforce deployment proactively, find areas for improvement, offer courses of action, define best practices, and develop an improvement strategy. We at Calpion provide the best-in-class Salesforce consultation and services for your industry. Provide continuing administration and maintenance services such as user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance.

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Mahesh Gangadhar

Mahesh Gangadhar is a seasoned Senior Program Manager at Calpion, possessing over 25+ years of extensive cross-functional experience in various areas like Program Management, Project Management, Transition & Transformation, Service Delivery Management, Infrastructure Management, and Client Engagement. With outstanding leadership and mentoring skills, Mahesh has managed large teams of over 100 members, delivering exceptional results while ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. He is adept at managing CTO & CXO-level client-facing roles and providing technical guidance. Mahesh thrives on taking up challenging projects and has a proven track record of exceeding expectations.

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