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Som Dutt

Expert in Artificial Intelligence & Protein Engg

Som Dutt is head of the Proteomic R&D division at Calpion, where he leverages over a decade of expertise in protein engineering, experimentation, and high-throughput proteomics. With expertise in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry, he has worked at top universities like Purdue, Geneva & Leeds worldwide to advance his knowledge and skills. He excels in designing and managing protein engineering projects, supporting AI teams, analyzing AI/ML protein data, and leading teams of protein scientists. Som's passion for innovation, experimentation, and writing articles on protein engineering and drug development using machine learning has continually produced outstanding results.

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Protein engineering
December 21, 2022

How Protein Engineering is Utilizing Deep Learning

Protein is an essential macronutrient. Protein serves various cell metabolism, industrial catalysts, and medicines. Recent technological developments have made it possible to redesign proteins efficiently by simulating the natural evolutionary mutation, selection, and amplification in the lab.

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