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How to Improve Customer Experience (CX) Using AI & Deep Learning for Business Growth?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging name in the business world for its bundle of benefits. The company's success is no longer dependent on product and pricing but also customer experience (CX). As more and more organizations are shifting towards the vast range of AI-enabled tools, customer experience is becoming a prime concern, and businesses can meet modern demands seamlessly. Since customer experience is the new competitive edge, AI technology is the only solution to win over your targeted audience.

According to a study report by Teradata, about 80% of organizations have already adopted some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the growing consciousness of customer experience and the need to meet the changing demands of users, AI technology has built a concrete place for its eternal existence.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

The customer experience (CX) refers to engagement and satisfaction that customers expect throughout their journey, from awareness to sales to after-sale service. It is a complete interaction journey a customer has with the brand.

To make this experience wholesome, brands implement actionable customer success strategies to deliver a positive, impactful, and unique customer experience. Brands should provide quality customer experiences to maintain a healthy Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customer Experience for a Brand

5 Hacks to Improve Customer Experience (CX) Using Artificial Intelligence for Your Business Growth?

Let's take an in-depth look at the different ways that can help in improving customer experience using AI for your business growth.

  • Predictive Marketing Analytics: This branch of AI technology helps with advanced analytics that collects extensive data to predict future events and market expectations. It uses a deep learning algorithm to process and analyze data and make relevant predictions. Businesses integrate software for predictive analytics into multiple solutions like data mining, statistics, and more. It has become essential for companies to have a deep understanding of the target audience to meet the demands successfully.

    With the help of AI technology, brands get insights into customer behavior, changing demands, seasonal expectations, and more. Information obtained from predictive marketing analytics helps brands to make decisions that will save them time and cost. It will also redirect the brand toward the right sales journey without delay. The AI technology will help indicate the demands and identify potential threats affecting customer relationships and buyers' journeys. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms closely examine the customer's buying patterns history to predict their future actions. Many big companies use predictive analysis to track customers' purchase history. Based on the purchase date, they contact the users to recall them back on product purchases. In many cases, companies send emails to customers when the product is about to run out of stock to ensure customers can purchase the product in time. Customers appreciate the brands' proactive attitude and share customer loyalty as a reward.
  • Personalized Experience: Personalization has been customers' most important "ask" recently. We have noticed that customers are more likely to purchase if they get something that interests them and is as per their requirements. Your competitor offers products common to all, but you have personalized products and solutions. Chances are high that the audience will choose to be your customer. The secret to supporting customers with a customized user experience is understanding your customers' choices and preferences rather than developing products. Artificial Intelligence can help shape a customized experience by understanding the customers' likings, seasonal product requirements, past purchases, and more.

    For example: With the help of AI & deep learning technologies, businesses track the purchase history and then send emails to suggest a similar category of products for cross-selling and upselling. When a brand remembers customers' individual choices, it attracts them to be loyal customers and transforms their experience. According to Accenture, AI will increase corporate profitability by 38% by 2035.
  • AI Chatbots Assistants: Since technology has advanced in AI, chatbots have gained extreme popularity. AI Chatbots or AI assistants are a great aid to a progressive future as they have the potential to support the customer experience (CX). AI Chatbots can single-handedly manage large customer queries and resolve them instantly. AI Chatbots can also help notify customers about recent product launches, upcoming events, seasonal discounts, and more. Customers can get real-time assistance in tracking their orders too. With its all-time availability, businesses can deliver a customer experience that manually operated customer support teams cannot provide. A large part of customer experience depends on communications, and AI Chatbots are here to improve customer satisfaction alongside strong communication support. In return, it will also yield customer loyalty.

    Recent advancements in the technology industry, like AI ChatGPT, are a great addition to AI-based communication tools. It will bring dynamic transformation in how customer experience is scaled.
  • Real-time Decision-Making: In recent years, we noticed the need to make quick estimates using statistics, data gathering, and forecasting. Brands have recognized the potential of AI technology, and real-time decision-making is crucial to give a seamless and unique customer experience. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, we can get real-time insights that direct the engagement between a client and a business with its ability to evaluate results from the gathered data.
  • Simplified Task Management: Artificial Intelligence is skilled in managing multiple tasks simultaneously. With such capabilities, customers have received excellent services and look forward to more. The relationship between business and customers has elevated as AI has always been there to strengthen the bond. As per IBM, about 52% of customers prefer to start immediately in the customer support line as they wish to get help directly. Eventually, these customers with unresolved concerns feel dissatisfied and move on with their competitors. Brands are still driving customer support manually; they cannot match the industry standards, therefore, cannot create a brand image and customer loyalty system.

    Nowadays, brands are exploring unique ideas to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their businesses to create a clean and seamless interface to communicate directly with customers. Human resources cannot perform multiple tasks simultaneously, like data procuring, data analyzing, seeking the required data, performing mundane tasks, responding to queries repeatedly, and more. AI has the potential to multitask and structure unstructured data within seconds. AI and deep learning technology use patterns to analyze data and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to comprehend the ticket and redirect it to the right team. Businesses need to integrate AI into their systems to give a smooth customer experience to existing and new potential clients to maintain brand image and customer loyalty.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a massive space of creativity and innovation blended with robust technology. AI and deep learning are helping businesses achieve success by providing relevant predictions using data. AI has the integrated skills to track personality variables, referrals, geographic location, etc., to make the user feel special and deliver the best experiences. Many companies have been facing a problem, i.e., customer burnout, and that complaint is transforming into an opportunity for Artificial Intelligence for business growth.

It's clear that Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in today's times and has the potential to improve customer experience (CX) and build personalized customer engagement, brand loyalty, and trust. With its countless benefits for businesses, AI and deep learning will embark on a journey of progress, excellence, and great experience.

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Shane D'Souza

Shane is an Associate Director at Calpion Inc. Shane brings a decade of experience providing enterprise-level solutions using applied artificial intelligence for organizations from Fortune 500 to high scalability startups. Being a graduate in engineering and a post-graduate in international business, Shane comes with sharp business acumen to grow businesses and provide cutting-edge solutions for clients in their digital transformation journey. With experience applying futuristic technologies for various industries, Shane is the go-to expert on artificial intelligence, deep learning, and enterprise software solutions. He loves talking to CXOs about their challenges, planning, and charting the best way forward.

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