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Calpion offers global services delivery

With the right combination of digital transformation, operational excellence, and thought leadership that Calpion has because of its exposure working with clients globally and with global teams we can mitigate problems associated with getting a global team to communicate, collaborate and work together efficiently and effectively for on-time delivery of projects and deliverables set by clients. Calpion has a global footprint with customers across North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We have multiple delivery centers spread across USA and India.

Calpion Offers Global Services

Our strategic Global Delivery Model aligns us with your requirements. Our differentiated Global Delivery Model for outsourced product development is focused on ensuring seamless, cost-effective, agile provisioning of high-quality, innovative IT products and services from multiple locations.

We have institutionalized well-defined, mature, scalable, and standardized delivery processes for distributed project management and effective internal and external communication to quickly deliver high-quality solutions. We have provided complex, mission-critical projects worldwide for enterprises across industries over the years. Calpion’s best-in-class project governance mechanisms and tools help our clients gain on-demand, granular visibility into the engagement.

Our model easily supports 24×7 and follow-the-sun delivery while meeting clients' proximity, language, and cultural compatibility needs. Our global delivery centers are interconnected with state-of-the-art telecom and datacom networking technologies that are complemented by robust tools for distributed project management. This allows us to ramp resources up or down rapidly and in the most cost-effective manner for our clients.

Calpion offers multiple engagement models in a collaborative service delivery environment

Build Operate Transfer Model

Our build operate transfer model

We help you capture new markets, optimize business processes, and reduce administrative overheads by establishing an extended arm of your current business. We assess the risks and identify the right solution to match your global operational needs. This long-term relationship helps you gain a competitive advantage in a global environment. You own the facility. At the same time, we build the facility, hire the employees, get the operation running for an agreed period (usually 3-5 years), and hand you over the operations after the agreed period.

Project-based engagement model

Our project-based engagement model

Statement of Work (SOW) forms the basis for engagement. This engagement demands minimal involvement from your team. In Calpion's project-based engagement model, we run the end-to-end project for you and provide specific services for a defined project period. Post project delivery completion and stabilization, the management and ownership of the project are transferred back to the client. We have completed many developments, testing, and test automation projects under this engagement.

Working as extended delivery center

Working as your extended delivery center

In this contractual engagement model, Calpion provides a dedicated team that functions the same as an in-house team under a client environment. This engagement offers close collaboration, knowledge retention, and long-term continuity with minimal pre-requisites with an advantage to scale bandwidth at short notice.

Professional service outsourcing

Professional service outsourcing

We are entirely responsible for a discrete function/ process in this engagement, freeing up your in-house resources. We provide professional services for development, testing, migration, data administration, application maintenance, and support.

Per-incident based engagement

Per-incident based engagement

In this model, we engage with you for your work maintenance and support needs. We quote for issues and incidents and support them.

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