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Calpion expands its footprint in India with two additional offices and a research lab

Dallas, Texas, February 2023 - Calpion is a leading technology solutions provider working with organizations striving for digital excellence. Calpion has provided software solutions for various industries like payors and providers in healthcare, biotechnology, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail.

Recently, Calpion announced its two additional office spaces and lab space in India due to the rapid growth of client projects over the past few years. Now Calpion is set up in Bengaluru and Coimbatore with two new offices and one biotech research lab in Pune. The Pune workspace has been dedicated to research & development in protein engineering and set up to analyze and create enzymes.

Calpion is working on multiple projects related to AI, Deep Learning, Enterprise Applications, Biotechnology, RPA, RCM, Payor CAD, BIM, and more. Calpion is expanding its development team along with marketing and sales.

About Calpion

Founded in 2004, Calpion is a leader in technology consulting for application development, maintenance, and testing. Calpion develops reliable, easy-to-use SaaS software for global technological companies providing custom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, application development, and other digital solutions for industries globally.

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