Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management solutions for U.S. Healthcare Providers.

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Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare Services

We offer superior HIPAA compliant revenue cycle management outsourcing & end-to-end business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies.


We’ll Synthesize ALL of Your Practice’s Data

While focusing on improving the patient experience through new technologies and better services.

Boost Patient Collection



Effectively Decrease Patient AR


Average Patient AR reduced by 20%


We’ll Optimize Your Revenue Management

Drive key practice performance indicators with optimized processes and robotic automation.

Top 5 Tips to Collect Patient Payments Faster

We’ll Help You Set and Track Your Revenue Cycle Management Goals

After defining your most important indicators and creating an action plan to achieve your practice’s goals, we’ll monitor the results and share them in beautiful, easy-to-read reports.

How Plutus Health Helps

Provider Credentialing

Provider credentialing is a detailed process that reviews a provider’s qualifications and career history including education, training, residency, and licenses, as well as any specialty certificates.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance eligibility verification is an important process where in a provider’s practice or healthcare facility checks into a patient’s insurance coverage to learn what services or treatment will be covered by insurance to offer better consultation and care.

Medical Coding

Medical categorization or medical coding is the method of converting medical diagnoses reports and dealings into a collective list of assigned medical code numbering.

Claims Scrubbing and Submission

The number of denied or rejected claims is reduced drastically when you incorporate successful claims scrubbing that detects and eliminates errors in billing codes before submission.

Accounts Receivables Management and Follow-up

Accounts Receivables (or AR) is money owed to the provider based on the different patient accounts for services rendered. AR is payable by insurance firms and patients.

Denial Management Appeals

A high percentage of claims put forth by patients or providers are denied by insurance companies due to incomplete claim forms, wrong diagnosis code, incorrect modifiers, and more.

Patient Registration

Your registration process will capture your patients’ information, including insurance information. Ensuring an optimized process ensure you get paid faster for services rendered.

Patient Statements

One of the fastest ways to ensure positive cash flow is to improve your process that generates and mails patient statements. Expedite patient payment collections with automated processes.

We Offer End-To-End RCM Solutions

Our clients enjoy custom strategies that are tailored to their practice or lab. Don’t see a service on this list?

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Revenue Cycle Management

From patient registration to AR management and everything in between, let us optimize your RCM process and boost your revenue.

Practice management

Medical Coding

Our coding experts complete your tasks correctly the first time around.

Reporting and analytics

Denial Management Solution

Over 90% of denials are avoidable. Let us help you reduce your number of denied claims so you get the revenue you deserve.

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