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How will Applications like ChatGPT Revolutionize Healthcare, Hospitality, and Banking?


Shane D'Souza

Shane D'Souza


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Technology is changing every single day, with innovations paving the way for setting a benchmark for higher efficiency, improved customer experience, and fulfilling the business needs of various industries. 

Three industries witnessing a breakthrough in innovations like AI, deep learning ChatGPT are Healthcare, Hospitality, and Banking. As all three are required to give continuous support to their customer base, we see a revamp in the dynamics of the existing technology and the adaption of evolving trends that are quicker and more immersive for users. Currently, customers are also enjoying the magic of automation, and applications like AI and deep learning ChatGPT will only enhance the overall user experience. An ideal use case would include an AI-based communicative tool that interacts with users at any time of the day or night.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the latest advancement that has received an overwhelming response for its interactive/chatting abilities. ChatGPT is an AI application that communicates with users most naturally and humanly possible. It mimics human emotions and makes an ideal tool for building customer relationships.  

ChatGPT is an application based on an NLP system, i.e., Natural Language Processing, to send the response to the users in the most conversational format. The AI app understands the context of the message received, followed by its human reaction to help the customer in real-time. 

Let us get into the depth of the revolutionary impact of AI, and deep learning ChatGPT on crucial industries:

Impact of AI ChatGPT in the Healthcare Industry

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the healthcare industry has quickly shifted to digitization to offer the best facilities in less time. The future of the healthcare sector will depend on artificial intelligence and machine learning at large, and chatbots are one of its prime elements. ChatGPT is an AI-powered application; in the healthcare industry that will facilitate seamless communication between patients, insurance providers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. AI ChatGPT in healthcare will also provide information to the stakeholders in their time of need and clear their queries.

Elevated Patient Engagement: Patients visit the same healthcare institution to follow up on their medical needs. Often, they require support with past documentation, which is a significant issue in the healthcare industry. Tools like AI deep learning Chat GPT in the healthcare industry can bridge the gaps between healthcare institutions and patients by offering real-time assistance with medical history, billing details, and other related services.

Set up, Follow up, and Cancel Medical Appointments: Scheduling, following up, and canceling medical appointments is the most frequent activity in the healthcare sector. Many times, patients face issues while scheduling or canceling appointments. With the help of an advanced AI ChatGPT in healthcare, this problem can be resolved based on the healthcare professionals’ availability and avoid overcrowding at the help desk for appointments. Chatbots can also help sync with the CRM systems to follow up or track patient visits to store all the information safely.

Resolving Queries Faster: Providing constant query support is challenging and will require any healthcare institution to have a team to manage it. However, with AI deep learning ChatGPT, such challenges can be overcome and provide instant responses to general to specific patients’ queries. Bots can work 24/7, ensuring patients get personalized answers at all times. AI ChatGPT in healthcare can also direct the questions to the right professionals in case some specification is required to be shared.

Storing Patient Data and Medical Bills: Healthcare institutions face many challenges in organizing and storing patient data and medical bills. This information can be crucial, including patients’ names, addresses, medical records, symptoms, insurance, admission details, pathological data, medicine count, and more. AI ChatGPT in the healthcare industry can help in storing data safely.

Translating Complex Clinical Notes: AI Chat GPT in healthcare can also help translate clinical notes into a more patient-friendly version that would clarify the instructions given by the doctor. It transforms the prescription into an accurate, precise, and factual document.

With all this and much more, AI chatbots like Chat GPT in the healthcare industry will make a significant difference and have a revolutionary impact on the medical sector.

Impact of Deep Learning ChatGPT on the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, apps like deep learning Chat GPT can enormously contribute to making the customer experience more seamless and reducing the burden of hospitality professionals. 

Let’s see how AI-powered chatbots can assist in the travel and hospitality sector:

AI-supported Bookings: Chatbots are taking over supporting customers with bookings of flights, travel plans, and accommodations services by taking down the details of their schedule and preferences and then offering a wide range of solutions in the most human format. These Deep Learning ChatGPT AI chatbots are synced with social media websites to provide their target audience with a more personalized booking experience. Even the most known companies from the hospitality industry are switching from manpower-supported teams to chatbot support for 24/7 assistance to their customer base.

AI-based Forecasting: In today’s times, when travel and hospitality are booming, AI ChatGPT in hospitality can help you find the best facilities at the lowest prices and also help in showing comparisons with discounts/offers available. Many big brands have made this feature available to their users, so they trust their services more than ever to build brand loyalty.

Scan out Insights: A massive amount of data generates every second on the internet, leaving travel companies distraught to understand and identify relevant insights. With AI ChatGPT in hospitality, data can be well-segmented and scanned out based on its relevance for the company.

Helps in Decision-making: Planning a travel itinerary is a complex task for users and often even for hospitality professionals when planned in the bunch. These AI ChatGPT in hospitality chatbots communicate with the end users to understand their preferences and create a tailor-made itinerary for them that is best suited to them. It helps them in decision-making and recommending travel plans in a well-planned manner.

Build Brand Reputation: AI ChatGPT in the hospitality industry can now monitor customer reviews and respond to them instantly to let the customers know the company is listening to their feedback. AI also notifies the professionals to inform them about the social media comments, reviews, and feedback left by customers and creates a summary of reviews. 

Using this advanced technology of AI and Deep Learning ChatGPT, the hospitality industry can find the balance between giving a great user experience and being productive at other ends.

Impact of Chat GPT on the Banking Industry

The banking system has always been moving towards advancement due to the growing dependency on finance. AI-powered apps like AI ChatGPT in banking sector can be an early success maker for the financial industry by making the banking portals more interactive, less time-consuming, and instantly helpful. Many banking institutions have already adopted digital assistants to help their customers with rapid assistance and respond to queries with 24/7 availability. Chatbots with AI ChatGPT in banking  will enhance the customer experience by supporting in omnichannel process and broadening the reach.

Let’s look at the revolutionary impact AI, and Deep Learning ChatGPT app can make in the banking industry:

Elevate Customer Service: The future of banking is going to be completely digital! With advancement, AI and Deep Learning ChatGPT are undoubtedly a core element of the process to provide 100% customer service, support, and personal touch. Such as by offering access to information, offering quick resolutions, answering complaints, and instantly guiding the users to the right stakeholders.

Personalized Banking Experience: The trend of personalization and customization will continue. About 63% of users expect personalized services. As customers enjoy the recipe of personalized services, banking users also demand a tailor-made service. In this case, AI and Deep Learning ChatGPT can ideally help finance customers with the banking experience they expect.

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Cost Efficiency: The banking sector will also receive great help in cost efficiency by reducing human resources adoption and switching to AI-dependent tools. The AI and Deep learning ChatGPT It will save finances and deliver flawless results with AI and deep learning ChatGPT applications.

Reduce Errors and Backlogs: The Deep Learning ChatGPT can simplify the banking process by reducing the scope of human error and clearing the backlog of complaints. Especially in the loan department, where piles of paperwork are needed to be stored and a sharp eye to scan through the information, AI chatbots can help majorly.

Less Workload, More Productivity: The Deep Learning ChatGPT in banking can handle customer queries in real time, reducing the overcrowding at financial institutions. The AI and Deep Learning ChatGPT ease the customer process, reduce the work for financial professionals, and give a better user experience.


Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, multiple industries have switched to digitalized methods of operations with less or no human intervention. It has clearly shown great scope, and apps like AI and Deep Learning ChatGPT will only add more benefits to different industries, ensuring the future is revolutionary.

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Shane D'Souza

Shane is an Associate Director at Calpion Inc. Shane brings a decade of experience providing enterprise-level solutions using applied artificial intelligence for organizations from Fortune 500 to high scalability startups. Being a graduate in engineering and a post-graduate in international business, Shane comes with sharp business acumen to grow businesses and provide cutting-edge solutions for clients in their digital transformation journey. With experience applying futuristic technologies for various industries, Shane is the go-to expert on artificial intelligence, deep learning, and enterprise software solutions. He loves talking to CXOs about their challenges, planning, and charting the best way forward.

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